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That and Apple could have lodged for approval at the same they did with the FDA prior to market launch. true Apple fashion they lodged only with the FDA and nowhere else.

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My boyfriend got me an Oculus Quest as an early birthday gift, and while I love it, he loves it wayyyyy more. Does anyone have any game recommendations? Unfortunately, the Oculus Quest does not share a marketplace with the Oculus Rift, and since the Quest has only been out since the summer, there isn't nearly as big of a directory yet compared to the Rift which has been growing its marketplace for years.

I'd say IOT and mobile connected smart objects is where the money is at.
Millions of wearable devices were shipped across the globe last year and that number is only gonna grow.

Thank you for such a thorough article! I've wanted to contribute a bit to it by adding that in 2019 more mobile developers are turning to cross-platform mobile development. It's especially profitable for startups as most cross-platform tools (such as React Native or Flutter frameworks) guarantee that developers need to build a code only once and then run it on any platform.

Technology is evolving every single day, and both the Software and hardware are striking towards each other. Due to the massive competition, it is essential to come up with extended mobility and future rich apps for expanding and promoting businesses to stay long in this competitive business market. Some of the emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), Virtual reality(VR), Augmented reality(AR), Data Visualization are having huge demand comes in the picture.

The Mobile App trends in addition to the Cloud Computing technologies are ever-changing with more extensive opportunities, with breakthrough applications and technological developments coming fast and thick. The future of these technologies is going to play a crucial role, not only the business world but also in our day-to-day life.

In 1994, the launch of the first mobile app. At that moment, nobody has predicted that it will be an integral part of our life. According to the Statista reports, currently, we have 2.1billion mobile users and is expected to cross 5 billion marks by the end of this year. By 2020, it could be USD 189 billion (approximately).


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When we compare mobile usage for the past 5-10 years, people are spending more time on smartphones with fast internet access. Many Companies are conducting surveys to understand why people are using mobiles and how much time they are spending on it. A recent study revealed that for every 12 minutes any user would check their mobile phones and on an average, an American adult spends ...

Liberty Air Earbuds is also good


Six months ago I was reviewing my experience with another Anker 'Soundcore' earbud product, the Liberty Lites. I liked these, and they quickly became my everyday audio companion while out on my long walks in the Yorkshire countryside. I did, however, have some issues with the volume never being quite loud enough and ultimately the three hour playtime ended up being just not enough for long train travel or flights. So, I started looking at the alternatives. Naturally I started looking at the likes of the Apple AirPods (once I had discovered you can use them with Android phones) and the new Samsung Galaxy Buds. Both look really cool and feature 'true-wireless' connectivity plus super battery life. Unfortunately, both also break my 'never gonna pay more than £100 for freakin' earbuds man' rule; and then some.

Then I stumbled across one of the best kept secrets out there: Anker also sell true-wireless AirPod look-a-like earbuds and they come in at well under the £100. In fact, they cost just £79.99 here in the UK. Actually, scrap the 'just' as in the US they are $79.99 which at the current exchange rate is about £61. At that price they would be an absolute bargain, but even at a shade under £80 they are still half the cost of AirPods with the standard charging case (AirPods with a wireless charging case cost 2.5 times as much!) and the pre-order price on the Galaxy Buds is £139 so not a great deal ...

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