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@X. I read your last reply and you wrote "possible both are corrupt" so to me that tells me you are only testing with TWO ISO files? The likelyhood of these being bad just went up.

Can you share how I can test your ISO files? Where can I get them?

I have another package that I would like to mount but the results are the same. So it's possible that both are corrupt. But I'm still hoping that there is something else that can fix the problem. Thanks for your comment anyway :)

If all the above fails it is possible that your .ISO files are corrupt. I did run into a client that had such troubles and it turns out all their .ISO files were from less than reputable places and not one were any good as they used a downloader app that was cracked (pirate) and broken.

You can use Virtual CloneDrive by Elaborate Bytes. It is freeware. I used it for years on Windows 7. It allows you to mount an iso (actually several formats of images) as a drive.

I made a list of applications that don't enable me to mount ISO-files. Here:

PowerISO doesn't mount
Virtual CloneDrive doesn't mount
ISODisc doesn't mount
KernSafe doesn't mount
OSFMount doesn't mount
Pismo File doesn't mount
WinISO doens't mount
Daemon Tools doesn't mount

What should I do?


I had pretty much come to the same conclusion.

Hello again Reverend Jim. I will write Bluestacks is not what it seems. You can find more with research but here it's on our suspicious software list. That is, if a client has PC troubles this gets removed. More at

I don't see any emulator that implements a Bluetooth stack for what I think you initially wanted this for.

My view: Avoid.

Their website states that BlueStacks is "free to download". I've been burned by this several times where the software is free to download but you have to pay if you want to run it. For the limited use I'd make of it I am not interested in buying something. I'd just as soon do without. So is BlueStacks free to use or just free to download?

I have been using Bluestacks for years on my Citrix VDI and Work Laptop. Never gave any problems, I believe by mistake you landed up in wrong place. And you can use BrowserStock for Websites. Try the below link this will help.

Its very simple, download blue stock from internet and install on ur system and once its installed u can install apps what ever u want as per requirement like, FaceBook, Insta etc.

I would suggest go ahead and click on Trouble shoot and take your system to safe mode and then run a system restore for a month back , try to select those date which says system checkpoint and i am sure that should resolve the issue.

As to the flickering I recall that happening in all Office versions since about 1997. Microsoft apparently does not work on making their Office product operate smoothly (at least not on Windows.)

As a test I pasted web content into LibreOffice and it just worked without the warning messages. So it does indeed look like a choice made by Microsoft to hold hands and warn against every possible exploit or user error.

Turning off warnings like this has fallen out of favor in security circles as it removes a possible warning to the users. Microsoft is constantly beat up about security so they may have removed the off switch. As it appears to still paste but with the warning you may get no where with Microsoft. The usual reply is "works as designed."

I try to mark content from a web-page (with pictures, hyperlinks etc) to clipboard and then paste it into Microsoft Word (belonging to the Office 365 Home suite).
Then I discover problems starting with the following warning:

"A potential vulnerability has been identified in Microsoft Office.

This document contains fields that can share data with external files
and Web sites. It is important that this file comes from a reliable

(I do not use English as my working language, and this warning is translated to English using Google Translate... :-))

The screen is often flickering two or three times before the content is displayed.

In Office 2007/2010 it was possible to avoid this message by going to the Trust Center Setttings and under Privacy Options, select or clear "Check Microsoft Office documents that are from or link to suspicious Web sites" check box. But I do not find this check box in Office 365. :-(

What can I do to avoid this message ?

Thank you!

  1. Open an Explorer window
  2. Right click on This PC and select Properties from the pop-up menu
  3. In the Control Panel window click on Advanced system settings
  4. Click on Environment Variables

At this point you have to decide if you want the change to apply to just the current user, or for all users. You will click on Path in either the upper list (current user) of the lower list (all users).

  1. Click on the appropriate Edit... button.
  2. In the Edit environment variable window click New
  3. Enter the desired path info into the edit box
  4. Click OK
  5. Click OK
  6. Click OK
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What is the best/easiest way to add a directory to 'Path' when starting a CMD (MS-DOS) window? It used to be possible to do this with an AUTOEXEC.BAT file in XP.

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If you are only trying to get the laptop functional again, replace the ram, the bios battery, and hard drive with off the shelf parts, then depending on how the mother board is configured you can either send it back to the mkg and they can format over the bios, and in many cases they have images that can be flashed to hard drives and usb sticks depending on the chip sets, but usually the issue is the computer is trying to remote boot using the IME engine. That can be updated but each board is going to be different. Unplugging the internet connections when booting often skips that issue but ultimately you have to flash corrupt bios with clean ones, to prevent stack over flow issues that the virus use as a vector to see what is in memory.

A relevant article for your inquiry. I am currently using Bluestacks.

I did some upgrades to my very dated C2Q HP4999T. It got the change to SSD (no HDDs), 8GB RAM, a 1060 TI GPU and it's game capable now.

The 4G is light for today but if you change the motherboard you may lose your Windows license. Can you change the CPU to an i5 and get 8 to 16GB RAM on the board you have?

I have an computer since 2010. In 2015 I added a SDS to the 1Tb hard disc.
Windows 10 Pro, 4Gb memory,intel i3.
Is it worth to buy a new mother board with a i5 , and add some RAM ?

Thanks for the information.

I ran into this issue with the Insyde BIOS on a lot of PCs. Turns out it's a bug in their BIOS and so far uncorrectable. This has lead me to never buy another PC with that make BIOS.

What make is this BIOS?

Hello everyone.

Despite my boot order set to Windows Secure Boot (USB last) and UEFI, when I turn my computer on it hangs at loading until I disconnect all USB external devices.

When the computer tries to go to sleep mode, the screen goes black and I can hear the computer trying to go to sleep mode and coming back (the screen remains black) while the power light stays solid blue and I can not bring the screen back on. It is after I unplug all USB devices that the power light switches to blinking orange and then I can wake it up from that state.

Back in December, my computer caught a nasty virus from an infected USB memory for which I re-installed Windows 10 from a bootable USB created with unetbootin and an original copy of Windows 10. Everything else works normal.

Thank you for reading!

Well this is just a demo hosted on a free hosting service. It is meant to show how the library should work when you use it on your website. This is just a demo.

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I looked at doing this but the insecure connection meant full stop. Why is this web site using insecure methods for username and password today?

Didn't everyone get the memo?

PS. Edited for spelling.

Hi DW.

Can someone with Windows 10 help me out by testing my library on Edge browser and open the developers console and see if there are any errors that are causing the library not to work on Edge browser.

The library is

This should encrypt your password on the fly when you have entered it or when you have set your browser to remember it.

First try it on Firefox so you see how it should work, it work perfectly on Firefox but not on Edge.

You can also use MagicISO or ISOcreator which can help you in making ISO file from your bootable USB drive. If you want a handy and easy to use software then go for MagicISO it's very easy to use software.

try to copy the files to cd rom folder. after copying it right click the icon and select "burn" option. the file will automatically starts to burn.
if its not work try to install the burner software and try it, eventhough it failed, ROM device has been malfunctioning.

Try to reinstall your burning software and check whether it's working or try making some changes in the burning software. Actually, this never happened to me that's why cannot explain you in detail but it will definitely work just try that I'm saying to you.

I've created a lot of bootable USB using Rufus and it always works. I'm not understanding that why it's not working in your case. I would suggest you try PowerISO its also a very famous software to make bootable USB.

Try to find a Windows specialist near you and ask to him. Because sometimes our Hard Disk doesn't work properly and show these types of errors. As of my experience, I think your storage is damaged from inside.