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Yeah, agree with @Steven112

I use Daemon Tools Ultra to create a bootable Windows.

You can download the Daemon Tools Ultra. The software has all the necessary tools. I think that a three-day free period is enough for you.

I use Macrium Reflect (free home edition) and I have it set to automatically do a full image of C: at the start of the month and a differential every day.

This may need a lot more detail from you. I've had folk ask such to find out why Windows is not booting but given the boot area is not something a normal tool will tackle, this is just one of a few areas that file comparisons won't tell you a thing.

So, WinMerge can compare two drives but it also means that the two drives under inspection are NOT being used to boot Windows.

Finally a big area of fail is the registry. To compare that you would have to export both then try WinMerge to see where the changes are. My bet is you will understand why they say this is like taking a sip from a firehose.

-> With that in mind, can you tell more about why you need to do this?

Can you tell me how to do a differntial image using Windows 10 and with the what free software?

I was also trying to boot pendrive some time back. Then I came across a very good tutorial page about it. And, it helped me a lot and I was able to do it. So, you can also check it at Make Bootable USB Pendrive.

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Top Free Android Emulator for Windows 10

  1. BlueStacks.
  2. NOX Android Emulator.
  3. MeMu Play.
  4. Android Studio.
  5. Remix Player.
  6. Droid4x.
  7. AMI Duos.
  8. Genymotion.

This sounds very familiar... I shall hunt around to see if I can find it and perhaps try to use it... though I'm usually on an Apple at home (microsoft at work though)... so it'll be an interesting experience....

Thank you very much for the suggestions...

When using overrideredirect on a tkinter window to hide the title bar how do you make the window show on the taskbar?

When I was in IT, I had a client that ran their financials using Visual Fox seems very much like what you describe.

Wasn't Visual Fox Pro was it ?

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Thank you for these options... I'm also trying to track down the person commissioning the work to ask... but can't find them at the moment!!!

I 'feel' (odd word for me - I tend to 'think' rather than believe or feel!!) that the name sounded like Visual Basic but wasn't that... IIRC it seemed at the time to be a play on those words... so I 'feel' it started with a V... but visicalc doesn't quite seem right... I do wish I'd kept better records of what I actually did... (!!)...

Thank you for the help... I really appreciate your time, attention, and efforts!!!

Dani 1,775

... could it have been RealBASIC?

Dani 1,775

Visual Basic for Applications?
Microsoft Access?

I THINK I know what you’re talking about but the name escapes me. It sounded something like PowerBasic but not that?

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Dear all
I'm trying to track down the name/existence of software that I used in 1999 to 'write' a financial reporting system - it was a curious mix of spreadsheet with programming capability... Would any of you know about this? Its name was similar (-ish) to Visual Basic, but it wasn't VB itself... The way I was asked to use it was to collate financially reported information from a series of European entities and then present them in a specific format for the client. The client was Synstar (pan European disaster recovery computing service), since taken over by HP.

The reason I'm interested in tracking it down - is (curiosity, it's really bugging me that I can't remember its name!!... and also) to find out if there is something equally as logical, easy to pick up and user friendly that I could use. I would like to be able to take data from individual small/medium sized businesses and then have a lovely usable (customised) report pop out neatly the other end... I realise that there will be cloud based software that exists for this... but I'm enthusiastic enough to want to try for myself... (and I'm supposed to be studying/have teenage children/husband/housework and this would be a lovely excuse to do something that is not related to those... ).

I'm primarily a finance person, with a science background... so not a programming/computing background... but I was fairly tech-savvy (when things were perhaps more simple?!)...

Any help you can provide or ...

To recover your forgotten Windows 10 password you can follow any one of the following method:
1: Use Windows 10 Password Reset Disk
2: Reset Windows 10 Microsoft Account Online
3: Bypass Windows 10 Password with Windows Password Key(Recommend)
4: Reinstall Your Windows 10 and Access your PC without Password
5: Guess Your Password
6: Have Administrator Changed Your Forgotten Windows 10 Password

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Windows 10 has TWO login methods.

  1. Email system using Microsoft's own servers.
  2. Local login.

Of these two NEITHER offer password recovery and if anyone is selling recovery (especially on item 1) then they are a fraud and scamming you.
The second or local login is, most of the time easy to reset. Now if the owner used BITLOCKER or whole disk encryption then you have to wipe the disk and do a clean install. Shame really as there should never be any data loss since anyone that does that should know to backup what they can't lose.

So with that out of the way I use the UTILMAN.EXE method noted at

As to recovering the old password, no one has shown me a working method. I've read and tried too many articles so for now, for today and local logins I use the UTILMAN.EXE method. If that fails (it hasn't) then we just wipe the drive and install the OS they want to run.

And how are we to know whether you forgot your password or you just want to break into someone else's computer?

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I am forgot my Windows 10 password, so how to recover that.

Nox is the best one, has many features

You're welcome.

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Python or vbScript? This is the Python version

import os
import sys
import glob
import shutil
import datetime

for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
    for file in glob.glob(arg.replace("[", "[[]")):
        base,extn = os.path.splitext(file)
        newname = base + ' ' + str( + extn
        if not os.path.exists(newname):

Save it in a file like and run it by

appenddate file [file...]

where file is a file name or pattern (Windows wildcards * and ?) as in

appenddate *.jpg *.txt

That weird replace in the glob line is to account for [ and ] being valid Windows characters in file names but something else in a glob call.

Can anyone suggest a script that will rename a file with the
existing filename appended with date stamp? Something that
can be used in a .bat file?

Bluestacks is the mostly used android emulator but I use KoPlayer as some times there were problems with Bluestacks ,you can find more informations from my facebook page facebook

I use Windows 10 LTSB without updates!

I been facing issues with Bluestacks for a few months now moved to Nox but even it is doing the same thing :( , I dont know ,what will be next one for me.

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