Hello All,

I am interested in gaining more hands on experience when it comes to network infrastructure. I am limited as of right now with physical devices and in the meantime would like to know what would be a great software program for either Windows 7 or Linux to utilize for practice in setting up a networks? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

@m. I have 2 Windows tablets here. A 10 and 8.1. But you are not telling all such as I'm new to Windows and not sure about how to configure my WiFi connection. I see 2 more buttons on your picture so what if this is not you creating a virtual hot spot but just new to setting up Windows? I can't tell from your posts so far.

i'm not sure what's the problem !
But Try using another router (of your friend for example) in your house and connect, if it's connected then some parametre in your router is the problem, if it's not connected and your internet supplier is the same as the other ones ... then it maybe a problem in your computer try using another browser or check the : C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts . if someone by any chance is blocking it in your computer ...

Hi all, i'm creating virtual wifi using the microsoft virtual wifi, the problem is i need to specify my ip on my tablet manually, is there anyway i can fix this ?? so the wifi provide ip for clients automatically ....
thank's in advance

Don't know which forum to ask this question on but...here it goes...

I have a website mridulahuja.com which opens on all other networks but it won't open over WiFi at my place, whether I try opening it on PC or mobile.
I can't even access it from Filezilla for making changes.
Also isup shows me that my website is active.

Can anyone help me ???

thanks in advance