Hi i'mm needing help creating a MATLAB program to calculate liquid solutions, i'm gonna try to explain the program i want,

imagine you have to 2 water solution one is water the other one is detergent, what i have to do is to create a code that will allow me to mesure the level of misture between the 2 solution being the variables the time and the position.

Another exemple, imagine you have a glass and you have a solution of water and sugar completlly dissolved, in the begining you have a level of 0 misture, it means you have 50% sugar and 50% water, as the time goes bye the sugar starts to get on the bottom of the glass and the water (supostly without sugar on the top of the glass) so on the bottom you have a value of -1 that tells you that there is only sugar and on the top you have a value of 1 that tells you that there is only water there but as you change the position of the mesure the value changes allowing you to know if is has more sugar or water, and as the time goes bye in the same place the value also changes more positive on the top and more negative on the bottom.

Can anyone help me creating this?



As far as I know... Matlab is a language which is mostly used in terms of IIR FIR filters etc... mainly to build contril system.. DSP Logic....

The program which you are trying to create is more aligned to Application software logic....

May I know the reson, why you chose Matlab as the mode for this prog ???