Which language is the most widely used, especially one that is used in game development companies? Also which is hot?

which is easy and whats the current trend in game development?

Also, please let me know which tech. is good for graphics?

where should i go for good graphics?

.Net, C# or Java?

C++? but why c++?

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c++ is probably the most used by good game developers, but it's not the easiest. IMO the easiest would be VB.NET because it's graphics are much easier than other languages.

I'm not a game programmer, but if I were I'd spend a lot of time here and on google.

where should i go for good graphics?

Draw them yourself.

commented: Because AD is always awesome. +5

Just a follow up to add a few suggestions.

As far as graphics, there are several free graphics repositories open to use. Just Google them (like "character sprite generator"). As far as quality goes, YMMV.
Sounds and music are also freely available. Have a look at NewGrounds' Audio portal and get permission from the artists you like.

As far as coding, Ancient Dragon is right. C++ is a great language to use, but not a good one for a beginner coder.
I'd recommend Python with the "PyGame" library. Python is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use language, and PyGame is the Python implementation of libSDL - sort of like DirectX with training wheels (but much much more).

When you get a solid mastery of what you're doing, I suggest moving on to either Java or C#.NET. Both have libSDL implementations, and both are still easy to learn, but not as easy as Python. This will give you a better feel for the bigger stuff.

If you really want to move up, and the other stuff hasn't scared you off, move to C++ for some real raw power. But be aware: C++ is not forgiving. Missed semi-colons are minor distractions compared to linker errors. It gets really rough. But stick with it, post questions to forums, Google for help shamelessly, and you will persevere.

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