Does anyone have a developer key code for Crystal Reports 11 because I want to make a program that use crystal report to deliver reports. I only have a registration key.

When I look for the components and references used to use crystal reports 11 in visual basic 6.0, i can't find it so please help me....

Thanks a lot...

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Developer Key Code??????????????

what does it mean?
didn't you install the software with a valid CD-Key?
are you having a demo copy?


Yes, I have only a demo version of CR11 that's why I want a developer key for CR11..
I making an application and Iam using vb6 as a front end and msaccess as back end and I will be using crystal report 11 to generate report. When I am looking for Crystal Report 11 in components in designers tab Crystal Report 11 is not visible. I read some forums about that problem and majority of them says that its the developer key on the installation process that why Iam looking for the develoepr key of CR11..

That's it..


hi jomelle

I Have a product key for Crystal report XI

Crystal Report XI
Product Key:


can you share your registration key
I need a registration key for my Crystal Report XI

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