Hi to all.

I created a MSI Setup which contains three Projects
1.Windows Application
2.Windows Service
3.Custom Action Data

The SetUp is Installing and Uninstalling Successfully.Some times if Due to some error while Uninstallation First the Service is Removed and then due to some Problem in Uninstallation it is Stopped at Client System.Then The Setup is Neither Uninstalled nor Installed. As we are Updating the Setup Continuously it is not possible to client to detect the MSI Setup of Version installed in his System and repair. So I removed the Service installation and Uninstallation in Setup and I Handled manually through Custom Action Data.But now another problem started.The Program is Shown as Two Programs in Add/Remove programs.That means it is Not Updating the old version.It is taken as new Program to System.can any one tell me what might be the reason.

I will be very thankful to u as it is Burning issue to me.


Hi to All,

I got the solution.By mistake I changed the Upgrade code of SetUp.That is the Problem.