how can i execute a loop (a series of natural numbers from 1 to 100) in dos shell ?

[ dim a as integer,dim b as integer
for b=1 to 100 step 1
for a =1 to 100 step 1
print a,b
next a
next b

it is executed on a form.
if i want to execute this code in command prompt (DOS shell) (rather than visual basic form) from vb6 how will i achieve that

By hook and crook! Also, you inner loop will be processed 100 times as will your outer loop for a total of 10,000 iterations or printings. Are you sure you want 10,000 printings?

Good Luck

yeah i already knew about the nested loop iterations that this program will generate, actually this is a sample code but my original source code is a heavy one with around 1000000*10000 possibilities to chose from,
i have made it in visual basic 5.0,(*.vbw,*.frm1,*.frm2 are compiled)
i want some way in which it can execute in dos shell, just as it happens in basic,java,C++. i dont want my ouput to be generated on a FORM ,as it is currently happening.....isn't there some way to link dos environment to visual basic programs?