I'm currently dabbling into digital signage and I'm having troubles with a monitor turning off on me. My question is this : is there a way in C# code that I can tell if a monitor is currently on, off, or in low power? I'm writing an alert system for myself since I cannot correct the monitor's issue at this time.

I've tried looking into system.manager, system.environment, and systeminformation... but was unable to find anything which was able to tell me the monitor's current state.

Monitor : Samsung TV
PC: Windows XP PRO 32-bit

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Check this out(using Windows Management Instrumentation, WMI). I think it's what you are looking for but it's a Win32 API call so it involves using the P/Invoke technique (in which I am not versed).

EDIT: Using that relies on this which isn't implemented (??) in the WMI. Wish I could have been more help but do some searches with WMI and your requirements for your code see if you can come up with anything related that you can incorporate.

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