No sooner did I make the announcement than I got banned at Channel9


The very powerful VB5 search engine (runs from a USB Stick) is without a doubt the Best of the best. It will be around for another 10 years. If W7 has better staying power than Vista.

What was it that finally got me the boot. Asking for Free VB5 downloads? Badmouthing the 10 and 15 thousand posters? What?

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Oh, please, read the thread he linked to! It's amazing!

The Swamp search engine was a direct result of me using the Dec 11/70 search program (early 80's). I wanted those capabilities on my PC. (the late 90's). A friend had a copy of VB5 he wanted to sell me. The first version just did text. Now It's gone far far beyond that. That is what is AMAZING. Grab the source and steal a copy of VB5 and nobody can stop you.

Now I need a Swampie or 2 to join Channel9 and pester them about banning me. How about it? I give you the source. You give them a talking to. Fair Deal? I can View Channel9 but can't comment. I'm going to throw my password away.

Links to the source. The EXE. and the super simple VB5 build VIDEO.

If you have any trouble building or running something. I can test it out for you. Good luck

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Personally, I'm not against the ban. I'm just waiting for those in charge to look at what you posted and decide for themselves.

Don't start what you did on channel9 or it will happen here, too.

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