Hello All,

Please give your ideas:
In a solution file ,I am having two projects PROJECTA and SETUP project. After creating the installer of PROJECTA , the installer "example.msi" contains PROJECTA.exe ( or active output
) of the PROJECTA .

While installing "example.msi", i want to run the PROJECTA.exe in the background.

I tried custom control and also installer class

If the path of the exe was given ( as shown below) , it works fine. but this is not the intended behaviour , i want PROJECTA.exe which is in example.msi to be copied to that location before installation , so that i can run from there during installation.

How this can be achieved .

        public override void Install(IDictionary stateSaver)

        public override void Commit(IDictionary savedState)
            string s="C:\\xxx\\PROJECTA.exe";

Thank you in advance.