I got my code to check for how many digits that i type in my raw input

num = int(raw_input("Enter, "))

import math
digits = int(math.log10(num))+1
print digits

example 1587898 then it prints 7 digits

I need my code to calculate the digits i type in my raw input until it reaches a single digit
for example i type 4569841. then it will add those numbers 4+5+6+9+8+4+1
it will print 37. it will continue to add 3 + 7 and it will print 10. It continues to add again 1+0 and prints 1 and it stops there because 1 is a single digit.

I can't seem to figure out and what code i need to add the digits together.
I think i am suppose to use a while loop like this

while digits >1:

and it will continue to add the number as long as digit is greater then 1 but i am not sure what code i need to sum up the numbers i type.

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There are many possible algorithms. If you can build a list with the digits, the built-in function sum() could be a solution

>>> mylist = [4, 7, 5, 8]
>>> sum(mylist)

use number, digit= divmod(number, 10) . Continuation condition should be while sum(digits) > 9:

>>> number = 123456
>>> while number:
	number, digit = divmod(number, 10)
	print digit

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