Hello I'm a concept creator developing a new form of 3D monitor based off lenticular film,
I've got most of it working order but I hit a snag, I need applications to display lenticularly to get the effect perfect. I've searched all over the internet for a program like this but due to it's specific nature It's been a fruitless endeavor.

To do this I'd need a program that forces any windows width to be 640 pixels wide(1/3 of the screen), and cuts it into vertical slivers (Skipping 2 pixels) leaving a transparent space between them and it'd spread across the whole monitor.That way it would appear normal on a lenticular screen. Using it I could overlay 3 programs and have them appear at different angles.

is it possible to do that to a window? I am aware of Glass2k and other programs like it that that make windows transparent. I would guess the process would be similar...