I am optionally display some content in the Unity Editor based on options chosen for a given component, this will be used when displaying a summary of options chosen on this current Component.

How I can make a function inline that returns a string, I want this function to be inline because there will be many of these and they will only useful in the line they are used in.

I have provided a code snippet that may clarify what I am trying to do.

I have used lambda functions like this in c++ and JavaScript, but not in c# and I've tried finding an answer on how to use them like this in C#.

var script = target as ButtonManager;//get reference to this Component 

EditorGUILayout.LabelField("Your current Interactive configuration", 
            "Parent: " + script.sceneParent.name + "\n",
            "Popup? " + ()=>{ if (script.isPopup) { return "Popup" } else { return "Change Scene"} }
            + "\n"