Adodc1.RecordSource = "Select * from brecord where month_borrowed = " & _
"'" & frmonth.txtmonth.Text & "'"


is my code alright do i have to set code in data environment or data report im using ms access the problem i'm having is printing a certain date record and list the books in that said date. it just show all records in the data base.thnks in advnce. im doing a library system. just wanted to learn how display and print it for the recrd.


U must have bult Command Object and Designed the Report.

Just Change the Condition in the Report.
So when u Show the Report,
Just give this:
Set Datareport1.DataSource =Adodc.Recordsource

here u need to take care that, whatever tables with joins u have used while designing, same tables should be given in adodc's rec source..
or else u may end up with error