Hi everyone, I'm a new dreamweaver beginner and hope someone can help me. I have create a link where you can click and return back the last page, but the problem is when you click to go back the last page, you will lost all information. What should I do that the information is still there when I return back?

this just seems like an odd problem...on the original page is there like a form being filled out or something...what kind of information are you trying to store.

There are different kind informations, like registration page and other pages are showing information from database. Take an exampel when you choose a object from a List/Menu. It will show all information of this object at the next page or next more and you have created a link that allow you to go back the last page to see and check the information again. The problem is when I go back the last page, all informations of this object are gone. Do you know how can I keep the information without losing them? I try the return button from the website and it works. All informations are still there but if I use the link where I create it. It doesn't work. Why? Hope you can help me, please!

are you using window.back?
if yes, u dont have any option to get the info back..
and what purpose you are trying to do this.....coz based on the purpose e can try to solve it....