Here is a list of website ideas that you can work on in your free time to develop your coding skills and to build something useful for others and fun for you.
Link: http://www.projectlists.net/website-ideas

If you like an idea start working on it and share it here with us so we can check it out.
Plus, if you have more ideas that you would like to be added send it here.

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Thanks for given great information. Can you tell some tips how could i develope my coding skills


Different types of websites will need different types of content, based on that website specificities. Here are a few website ideas that can inspire you and help you build your online presence:

  1. Buyer's Guides content

  2. Review sites

  3. Culture site

  4. General blog

  5. How-tos -> Tutorials

  6. Ask-me sites

  7. Create a community

  8. Online Personality Tests

  9. ews Site (Aggregator) & Curated Content

  10. Tips & tricks

  11. National/International news

  12. Fundraising website

  13. Online shopping – ecommerce website

  14. Interactivity website
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