My career was mostly COBOL with some FORTRAN, Assembler, and C thrown in. Around 1998 my internet service provider offered free, client side sites to its customers. I picked up HTML and JavaScript from books now almost twenty years old and have several dozen pages on my site relating to hobbies or problems I was interested in at some time. When I started, forms and tables were the way to format a page.

I started to learn CSS and, while I can follow working code, I am a long way from saying I command it. Would I have any future in Web Design? Obviously being a Full Stack developer is off the table but are there shops that could help me get up to speed with a mentor, good documentation, and access to working websites? I doubt I would be working for anyone over ten years.

Have proven aptitude for programming and have little trouble coming up with algorythms. Click Here

Just some advice. Step back for a moment and look what websites look like today. That link looks like something from the '90's.

If your host supports it, try WordPresss.