Hi everyone im getting this error when i try to execut the code via a browser, its a SOAP call to a footprints webservices server written in php, well it only shows me this error. I pasted the entire code below minus my username and password, :) I also have this question up on numara footprints yahoo group and still am hoping they have an answer but its been 6 days without a reply and it looks grim so i am coming here on daniweb hoping once again that i will be able to get the help i need from you guys :)

<h2>Web Service Test - create new issue</h2>


try {

$client = new SoapClient(NULL,





        "use" => SOAP_ENCODED       



$issue_number = $client->MRWebServices__createIssue("username",'password','',

array(projectID =>1,

       title=>"Test Issue creation.",

                              status=>"Open" ,

                      priorityNumber => 3,

                      description => "This is a test"



print "<BR><b> Issue created; Issue number = $issue_number</b><br><hr>\n";


 } catch (SoapFault $exception) {

print "ERROR! - Got a SOAP exception:<br>";

echo $exception;             


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I usually find that you have forgotten to close parenthesis before the {


if ( this == somefunc($var) { 

should be

if ( this == somefunc($var)) { 

notice that in the first example I forgot the second ')' in my 'if' statement.

I have done this dozens of times.

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