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i need help to write a code for the folllowing question.

A realtor wishes to track her commissions of house sales. The information that she collects is as follows:

house address a string
house type a string ( split level, bungalow, etc.)
sale price a double

She wishes to calculate the commission for each house as well as find the total commission earned for all houses. Commission is calculated as 7% of the first $100,000 and 3.5% of any amount over $100,000. Create an application that will accept an array of house objects and return the total commission. The application should also be able to calculate the commission earned on each house.

***Use the following test data:
123 Main Street, Split level, 250000.00
456 Elm Street, Bilevel, 150000.00
789 Oak Ave, Bungalow, 95000.00

public class House
   private String houseAddress;
   private String houseType;
   private double sellingPrice;

   House( String address, String type, double price)
      houseAddress = address;
      houseType = type;
      sellingPrice = price;

   public String getHouseAddress()


   public String getHouseType()


   public double getSellingPrice()


the class has to be something like this


Do you have any specific questions you'd like to ask about your assignment?


with this there is three classes i jus need an example and i cud move on frm there. It would be very nice if someone could help me


i just need an example

You posted a sample of a class in your first post. Is there a problem with that code?
If so, please post it and we'll try to help you fix it.


are you illiterate that you can't write a simple program? do it yourself and stop asking people to help you.

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