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I am new to xml with delphi.
My problem is that i know how to build am xml file, the output is something like this:

    <DESCRIPTION>This is a test for the description of the voucher upon import</DESCRIPTION>
        <NAME>test for new name for 1000</NAME>
      <LABEL>This is a test for the label of the auxiliary account line</LABEL>

i am trying to export financial transactions to an accounting software, i need to save transactions and save them in one xml file, all transaction shall be added as a new line in **<VOUCHER> **tag.

How this can be done?


What method are you using to build the XML, the MSXML DOM tools?


yes i am


i need each voucher tag to be inserted from sql table row.
The uppers tag are static they will not change.
Like for example if i have 5 rows in the table i shall get 5 voucher tags.

Hope it is clear.


For each row create a new node, and then insert it using the DOM functions.

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