Perl to resolve server status, up or down


This forum has been always a great help for me.
I have a problem also this time and hope you can help me wth a solution.

I have a few servers (svn, sql..) running remotely in various windows servers and sometimes it goes beyond notice that a particulr server stopped and I relasied that after many hours or even days.

Can you please suggest me a script that would check the status of the servers and if down, would restart? and send me a notification by email, specifying the time when a server went down?

If you please give me some hints then I could try to make a script myself or if you know something is already there then I would be glad if you share, I know this could be a commong problem for many and as well solution may exist.

Waiting for your expert opinion/responses.

And Happy Holidays!


Since noone has replied this, I will just put some notes on.

Here is an example to deal with checking server status. And here is one of many samples for sending email.

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