Tinkering with Color (Python)


This is another GUI program using the Tkinter module. It shows you how to change the background and foreground color of a component/widget. In this case it is a button. The button itself is used to toggle the color selection via a color dialog box. Enough comments have been added to help you figure out what is going on.

# change the background/foreground color of a button
# askcolor() returns the selected color in two forms
# one is rgb = (red,green,blue) for blue = (0,0,255)  for red = (255, 0, 0)
# the other is a hex number     for blue = #0000ff    for red = #ff0000
# tested with Python 24   vegaseat   05jul2005

from Tkinter import *
from tkColorChooser import askcolor  # brings up the color dialog box

# the toggle flag
flag1 = True

def setColor():
    # flag1 has to be global, not local (the default)
    global flag1
    (rgb, hexval) = askcolor()
    if hexval:
        print rgb, hexval  # testing
        # toggle between bg and fg
        if flag1:
            push1.config(bg=hexval, text='Click to set Foreground Color')
            flag1 = False
            push1.config(fg=hexval, text='Click to set Background Color')
            flag1 = True

#create the form
form1 = Tk()
# set the form's title
form1.title('Change Button Colors')
# create a button
push1 = Button(form1, text='Click to set Background Color', command=setColor)
# configure the button's text
push1.config(height=3, font=('times', 20, 'bold'))
# pack the button into the frame
push1.pack(expand=YES, fill=BOTH)
# run the event-loop/program ...
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