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#This is for Laravel 3.*# ## Hello, ## With this snippet I'm providing a simple way to automatically filter `Input::get()` and `Input::old()`. To achieve this result we need to make few changes: * extend Input and Redirect classes by creating new files in `application/libraries/`, the files are: **input.php** and **redirect.php**; * comment the aliases of these classes in `application/config/application.php` file, otherwise the application will ignore the extended libraries. The extended Input class overwrites `Input::query()` so it can use the new method `Input::sanitize()`, which is where you can place your filters, in this example I'm using `filter_var_array()`: public static function sanitize($array) …

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Reusable Code Snippet python thread exception

Hello! I started to create my own tiny 'framework' mainly built on the socket and the thread module. I haven't been doing too much thread programming before. My problem is that when I try server.waitForConnections(2), at the second connection, it says [code] Unhandled exception in thread started by Error in sys.excepthook: Original exception was: [/code] What should I do to make it work? Edit: by 'at the second connection' I mean, after the connection has been established, exactly

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