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I created this code because i was bored and wanted to try something with some code and i ended up creating this little code snip.

Code from: http://www.iportalx.net

You can display as many banners as you want. Just change the intTotalBanners to how many banners you have and change the saryBanners(3,3) number 3 (in red) to how many banners you have add more saryBanners(1,3) (changing the number in red for each new banner, go up 1 each time).

Heres the code, just include it where you want the banner(s) to dispaly:

Dim saryBanners(3,3)
Dim intRandomNumber
Dim intTotalBanners

intTotalBanners = 3

saryBanners(1,1) = "Visit MadDogs-ASP.com!"
saryBanners(1,2) = "http://www.maddogs-asp.com/images/portal-banner.gif"
saryBanners(1,3) = "http://www.maddogs-asp.com/"

saryBanners(2,1) = "Visit MadDogs-ASP.com!"
saryBanners(2,2) = "http://www.maddogs-asp.com/forum/uploads/maddog.gif"
saryBanners(2,3) = "http://www.maddogs-asp.com/"

saryBanners(3,1) = "Visit MadDogs-ASP.com!"
saryBanners(3,2) = "http://www.maddogs-asp.com/images/maddogs-portal.gif"
saryBanners(3,3) = "http://www.maddogs-asp.com/"

intRandomNumber = Int((intTotalBanners) * Rnd + 1)

Response.Write("<a href=""" & saryBanners(intRandomNumber,3) & """ title=""" & saryBanners(intRandomNumber,1) & """ target=""_blank""><img src=""" & saryBanners(intRandomNumber,2) & """ border=""0""></a>")



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