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hi there,

I just have a few questions about HTML5 and one of its features that is geolocation. My group members and I are thinking to develop a social-networking IOS application that lets you check-in only if you're using a mobile phone. The core idea is that if you're at starbucks or other coffee shops having a cup of coffee and want to rate it, suggest it to your friends on FB or review other peoples' comments on the coffee/s they had, you can use the app to do all that. The IOS app sounds doable. We also want to develop a website for the application so, if you're using a PC/laptop any device other than IOS devices, it allows you to check in. But, we still are not sure what to use to develop it. I suggested the idea of using Geolocation(because it uses GoogleMaps) but then we had a look at this website which has HTML5 features demos and it changed our idea a little bit because it does not detect your exact location.

What do you guys suggest? Is there a point in developing a website for this type of project?


There are smartphone that don't run IOS.
A website will also work for android and window mobile.
Less usful for desktop computers, but I don't bring my pc to starbucks that often.
so a website targeted at mobile devices will do fine.


You can develop a mobile web using HTML5 to capture the geolocation information that they checked in. Not that difficult, see this

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