Tap into the DaniWeb audience and engage with your customers

DaniWeb's community of over a million IT professionals are already talking about all different products and services amongst themselves. Today more than ever, it's important to do community outreach. Why not go directly to where your products are already being discussed?! Your customers will appreciate receiving firsthand assistance directly from the source, strengthening loyalty amongst your customer base. And you don't have to deal with the headache of developing, managing and moderating an in-house support system.

It's completely free to become a DaniWeb Vendor. Please email Business Development to apply.
Case Study: Dell Community Outreach

Just like many companies today know they need to be proactive to responding to their customers on Facebook and Twitter, Dell has known for years how important it is to be proactive on tech support discussion forums such as DaniWeb. For the last seven years, multiple Dell Customer Advocates share the DaniWeb user account DellOutreach to answer technical support questions being asked by DaniWeb members with Dell computers. Instead of spending time and money dealing with customers individually and repetitively, posting on DaniWeb allows customers who experience similar trouble access to our knowledge base of solved Q&As.

Case Study: Dell Community Engagement

DaniWeb offers a vibrant community of over a million IT professionals to tap into, engage with and utilize as a great focus group. For example, official Dell community engager Mourin asked the community, 'What are the top 3 things you look for when purchasing a server?' and received quite a handful of incredibly informative responses from a cross-section of our community. In fact, he even responded within the discussion saying that all of the feedback received was forwarded to his planning and development team.