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Write files to Windows partition using Ubuntu Live USB

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Hi all,

Ok, so here is the scenario, I have a hard drive that has Windows XP Embedded installed, and has various project files stored in a folder.

I need to overwrite these files but I no longer have access to via Windows because of the way it has been setup.

I'm attempting to use Ubuntu which boots live from a USB flash drive, however my changes are not persistent when I restart the system.

The odd thing is, I seem to be able to write files, like a blank text file to the project folder, but I cannot overwrite the files.

Is there something I can do to enable me to have full write access using ubuntu without installing the ubuntu OS?

As always, any advice is appreciated.

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login as root
to create folder/file

sudo -i
mkdir foldername
nano myfilename.txt (Once done press Ctrl+O and Ctrl+X)
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