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ubuntu 12.04

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Ubuntu 12.04 cannot install applications

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We need more details: which applications and versions? what have you tried to do? is this a fresh install or it stopped working? do you get any errors when you try to perform the install action?

From terminal try:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

and then retry to install.

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cereal is precisely correct. If you know the package name, you can also type

apt-get install [package-name]

For example, if I want to install an nginx server on my ubuntu, I would type this on my terminal

    sudo -s
    // system will ask for password
    // I must provide the password

    sudo apt-get install nginx

Please ignore the [ and ] just type the package name of what you are trying install.

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Also, if you don't know the package name, then use the following

apt-cache search [search term]

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