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Vim, Pathogen, and GUIColorScheme

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Hello all!
I have been setting up my vim configuration (dot files and plugins) on a fresh install of archlinux and decided to use pathogen this time around and love it... exept for an odd problem (really just an annoyance) it creates with guicolorscheme plugin. I am unable to get a color scheme to auto-load on startup, and have to manually type:

:GuiColorScheme <name_of_theme>  

each time. The relavent section of my .vimrc is:

if (&t_Co == 256 || &t_Co == 88) && !has('gui_running') &&
       \ filereadable(expand("$HOME/.vim/plugin/guicolorscheme.vim"))
        "runtime! bundle/guicolorscheme/plugin/guicolorscheme.vim
        runtime! plugin/guicolorscheme.vim
        GuiColorScheme chlordane
        colorscheme zenburn

and the plugin is located in:


All of my other plugins are performing correctly (nerdtree, minibuffer, etc.), and my path seems to be correct (pointing to all directories in bundle). Are there any vim gurus out there that know a fix?
Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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If the GuiCOlorScheme isn't running, I assume vim is getting to the else section of that if-else. Does your colorscheme default to zenburn?

Type ":set t_Co" to see what that variable is set to. You're not running gvim so that !has('gui_running') is true, right? Do you have the path correct for the guicolorscheme.vim file?

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