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I took apart my Toshiba satellite L355D and now the screen is black

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Hello. My monitor will not come back up after I opened my laptop to replace the AC power receptacle . I took apart my laptop to glue the power plug back in. The plug works fine, as the laptop charges , but it shuts down after a few seconds. The electrical power light stays on when the laptop is off, so it is charging. When I press the ON button , the laptop stays on a few seconds and then shuts off. Does anyone know where I can get a cheap set of schematics for my Toshiba or what could be wrong with my laptop?

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do you have an external monitor you can connect to the paltop VGA port. if the external monitor show your laptop scren, try this. power down, open laptop again check the cable that goues from the laptop screen to the mother board it a flat cable, make sure it is snug in the slot on the mobo. if that does not work check the cable for breakage. if its broken you would need a whole new screen for the laptop. unless at each end,- screen and mobo - you have a clicp to snapp each end in place.

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