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Computer generated lag while playing MOHAA

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My friend has an AMD 2400 on an ASUS A7n8x deluxe motherboard with a 350w power supply. He has a Nvidia geforce 4 5600fx graphics card and running 772 megs of ram. Playing medal of honor allied assault he is experiencing lag spikes (from a base of 42 ping it jumps up over 200 at times) predominantly when running into hand to hand battles or when there is a lot of action going on in his vicinity. Originally he had a crap motherboard that came with his e-machines computer but we replaced it with the asus board and he still is having the problem. This is not a connection lag problem. He and I both run the same dsl and I don't have the same problem. We brought his system over to my house and hooked him up through my connection and he had the same issues which localizes his problem to his puter I would think. I run an amd 2500 proccessor with a gigabyte ga7vax motherboard, 512 megs of ram, 420w power supply and a nvidia geforce4 ti4200 graphics card. We have asked around and have not heard any convincing ideas on what might be creating this problem... any help would be greatly appreciated.

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