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[object HTMLInputElement] instead of value? WTF?

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Hi all,

I have recently made a ajax script that works completely. It updates the database as required on click of the FU anchor. In the middle of the form I also have a yes | no option that copies the billing address to the shipping address, which also works.

The problem is once I have clicked yes to update the shipping as billing, then click FU, then I refresh to check its working, the shipping address comes up with

[object HTMLInputElement]

How do I get it to update with the actual value?

Heres my code:


<form method='post' action=''>

<table width='100%'>
<tr><td align='right'>CustID</td><td><input type='text' name='custID' value='' id='custID' style='width:auto;'><div style='float:right;'><input type='submit' name='submit' value='Create'>  <input type='submit' name='submit' value='Update'>   <input type='submit' name='submit' value='Delete'><a onclick='fastupdate()'>FU</a></div></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right' style='width:170px;'>Customer name</td><td><input type='text' name='custName' id='custName' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>

  <tr><td align='right'>Status</td><td><input type='text' name='status' id='status' value='' list='status' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
<tr><td align='right'>IP</td><td><input type='text' name='ip' id='ip' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Date in</td><td><input type='text' id='dateIn' name='dateIn' value='' style='width:100%;'></td>
  <tr><td align='right'>Lead</td><td><input type='text' id='lead' name='lead' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'><a href='../mail?safeemail=&safename='>Email</a></td><td><input type='text' id='email' name='email' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Cell</td><td><input type='text' id='cell' name='cell' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>

  <tr><td align='right'>Work</td><td><input type='text' id='work' name='work' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Home</td><td><input type='text' id='home' name='home' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Time</td><td><input type='text' id='time' name='time' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr></tr>

<tr><td align='right'>Billing address</td><td><input type='text' id='ba' name='ba' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Billing suburb</td><td><input type='text' id='bs' name='bs' value='' list='suburbs' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Billing city</td><td><input type='text' id='bc' name='bc' value='' list='cities' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>

  <tr><td align='right'>Billing = Shipping?</td><td align='center'><a onclick='basa()'>Yes</a> | <a onclick='nobasa()'>No</a></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Shipping address</td><td><input type='text' id='sa' name='sa' value='' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Shipping suburb</td><td><input type='text' id='ss' name='ss' value='' list='suburbs' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Shipping city</td><td><input type='text' id='sc' name='sc' value='' list='cities' style='width:100%;'></td></tr>
  <tr><td align='right'>Details</td><td><textarea name='details' id='details' rows='5' cols='40' style='width:100%;'></textarea></td></tr></table></form>

billing to shipping function:

function basa()
var ba=document.getElementById("ba").value;
var bs=document.getElementById("bs").value;
var bc=document.getElementById("bc").value;
function nobasa()

and the ajax script:

function fastupdate()
var custID = document.getElementById("custID").value;
var custName = document.getElementById("custName").value;
var status = document.getElementById("status").value;
var ip = document.getElementById("ip").value;
var dateIn = document.getElementById("dateIn").value;
var lead = document.getElementById("lead").value;
var email = document.getElementById("email").value;
var cell = document.getElementById("cell").value;
var work = document.getElementById("work").value;
var home = document.getElementById("home").value;
var time = document.getElementById("time").value;
var ba = document.getElementById("ba").value;
var bs = document.getElementById("bs").value;
var bc = document.getElementById("bc").value;
var ba = document.getElementById("sa").value;
var bs = document.getElementById("ss").value;
var bc = document.getElementById("sc").value;
var details = document.getElementById("details").value;

  if (xmlhttp.readyState==4 && xmlhttp.status==200)
xmlhttp.open("GET","fastupdate.php?custID="+ custID +"&custName="+ custName +"&status=" + status +"&ip=" + ip +"&dateIn=" + dateIn + "&lead=" + lead + "&email=" + email + "&cell=" + cell + "&work=" + work + "&home=" + home + "&time=" + time + "&ba="+ ba +"&bs="+ bs +"&bc="+ bc +"&sa="+ sa +"&ss="+ ss +"&sc="+ sc + "&details=" + details,true);

the fastupdate.php works fine, along with the ajax script, the trouble is it is entering the copied text from billing to shipping into the database as
[object HTMLInputElement]

Can anybody solve this?

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In this block of code from fastupdate(), it appears that you copied and pasted three lines of code and forgot to edit the left hand side of the statements.

var ba = document.getElementById("ba").value;
var bs = document.getElementById("bs").value;
var bc = document.getElementById("bc").value;
var ba = document.getElementById("sa").value;
var bs = document.getElementById("ss").value;
var bc = document.getElementById("sc").value;

As it stands, the behaviour will differ from browser to browser. Some will throw an error.


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