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help with a particular web design


Hello, I need some ideas on the best ways to add the texts and arrows (see attachment) above the tabs, which are sub menus to the main menus shown in the blackish strip, given there are other identical sub menus, with different texts pointing to them in other psd templates, thus having them change dynamically when their respective submenus are loaded



I'd probably make multiple images for each set of texts & arrows, then use CSS background images to change which one appears on a given page.


Can anyone be more explicit on how to proceed with this pls? I kept avoiding this part in my website for a long time, but now have to eventually implement it.
The images are ready, just have to show them when the primary menus like "Service" etc are clicked.


Do you use jQuery ? It would be not hard to do in jQuery.
If the answer is yes, then you could read more about .attr() Same could be achieved with plain javascript. As Evolution said you could change the background image.


not too familiar with jquery but can give it a try thx


you can design those "links" with CSS and get them to be more functionable with jquery. or you can view the sites source code...

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