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First thing is this is a long question. So please first read it then give me your suggestion. currently i am working on a banking projects for my degree. Where i am implementing a simple bank savings account. Where account holder can deposit and withdraw money. The account starts with …

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My problem with this program is within my do while loop. From line 33 to line 47. Please find attached the original intention in the pdf document ` //Program to show loan and interest calculation #include <iostream> // for cin, cout #include <string> using namespace std; const double ANN_INTEREST=0.05; //simple …

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A simple code example to calculate the monthly payment on a mortgage loan. Takes a look at Python's newer print and format functions.

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I am trying to print out a report for a 12 month interest summary. So far, I cannot seem to get the ending balance for the previous month to be the starting balance for the next month. Here is the code I have so far: #include <iostream> #include <string> #include …

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The issues with this program are: 1. File: D:\Unit 3 Data Type, Objects, Assignments\CreditCardBill.java [line: 20] Error: Type mismatch: cannot convert from double to int 2. File: D:\Unit 3 Data Type, Objects, Assignments\CreditCardBill.java [line: 21] Error: Type mismatch: cannot convert from double to int EDIT: I have tried type casting, …

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Hey everybody. I was reading some code on the website and I saw this: [CODE]with open(FILE) as number_file: lucky_numbers = [set(line.strip().split('-')) for line in number_file] [/CODE] What does "with ... as ..." mean? What is it used for? How is it used?

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My instructor wants us to create a program that relates to some event we have recently gone through and I need help to get the rest of the code to work. Scenario I passed by the instructor is : I just got a car which my grandfather paid in advance …

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I am making a program to compute simple interest. P*R/100 this is what i have done... Please tell me whats wrong [CODE]int main() { int p,n,count; float r,si; count=1; while(count<=3) { printf("\n enter values of p,n,andr"); scanf("%d %d %f",&p, &n, &r); si=(float)p * (float)n * r / 100; printf("simple interest …

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