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Basically this scheme uses variable offsets, but it generates the bytes on the fly. They aren't truly random, but there aren't any obvious patterns and the output passes all the …

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salémoslo 0
Endorsed Reverend Jim 3,491
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def Count_Total_Words(str1):
total = 1
for i in range(len(str1)):
    if(str1[i] == ' ' or str1 == '\n' or str1 == '\t'):
        total = total + 1
return total

string = …

Topic by Rabana_1

That method looks to have flaws.

  1. Doesn't count words. (counts what it counts.)
  2. A double space would throw it off and more.
  3. A very well done app. Read
Web Development
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hello all my name is rico,
i want make some app like can combine number from input
example :
i have 4 variable like this
$num1 = 96;
$num2 = …

Topic by RC_820

I can't see how any combination of the variables given results in 9213 or such. Maybe your examples were incorrect?

Hardware and Software
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Hi Dw.

I had java 8 installed I'm, the problem is that when I run a bat file that uses the java it says Invalid maximum heap size -Xmx4g. I've …

Software Development
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hi there i have some python coding which i need to convert to java can ne1 help me please email me back if you can help then i will show …

Topic by shak187

You hijack a 15 year old thread to post uncommented UNINDENTED Python?
And you expect us to do what?

Software Development
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Is it possible to store a certain function as a variable?

If not, is it okay to make a class, and define a function. Store the class as the …

Digital Marketing
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I am using GAM as so:

<script async src="https://securepubads.g.doubleclick.net/tag/js/gpt.js"></script>
window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []};
googletag.cmd.push(function() {

        googletag.defineSlot('/86406173/ArticleLeaderboard', leader_size, 'div-gpt-ad-1321481451196-0').addService(googletag.pubads());
        // etc.

            fetchMarginPercent: 200,
            renderMarginPercent: 100, …
Software Development
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I got bored of revision last night, and decided to have another go at python!
So to refresh my memory and have a bit of a practice I wrote …

Topic by Shift_

library management system projet source code in mysql. i hope i will get to your answer


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Sample output:

Enter number of guests: 40

40 guests have been invited.

Enjoy the party!

Topic by mollyrock705

It would have been very interesting to see an attempt on answering the above

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Write a program using for loops to produce an R by C rectangle, where R and C are provided by the user. The following are the triangles for different values …

Topic by thomasdoejr

Try again with a fresh discussion as there doesn't appear to be any "Reusable Code Snippet" here.

Also, read https://www.daniweb.com/welcome/rules about assignments. You must show effort.

Software Development
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Develop a java program for a grading system tha satisfies the ff requirement:\

  1. for passing an exam, a student must pass by a score of 30 or more and assessment …
Topic by gh.fuz

Do you have a question relating to that code?

Mobile Development
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Hi guys,

I'm having a weird problem regarding the simple ListView.
On my emulator everything is allright and the data is loaded correctly from JSON API, the data also …

Software Development
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Hi. I have a little problem with my code. I want to cast a complete arrayList to a different type, but java wont let me... Here is a compressed version …

Topic by Cort3z

I think that sos's point was that you shouldn't have to perform that kind of cast. It probably results from a bad design decision.
The "correct" solution is to declare …

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coupon_1 0
Endorsed happygeek 2,411
Web Development
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while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($resultParam_pp))
                $lblParameter_pp = $row['ParameterName'];
	$lblParameterSeq_pp = $row['Parameter_seq'];	
	echo "<tr>";
	echo "<form action = '' method = 'post'>";
	echo "<td align = left>";
                echo "<input type …
Community Center
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I've been following the latest efforts (in the US) of the GOP to unfairly redraw electoral boundaries and was considering how simple a law could be worded to ensure a …

Topic by Reverend Jim

With new voting rights legislation proposed (supposedly including an end to gerrymandering) how about this as a simple guideline.

  1. The smallest rectangle that contains a district cannot be more …
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yorekaa819 0
Endorsed shadwickman 159
Web Development
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Hi. I would be very grateful if you could help me solve two things that I don't know how to do (or that have still come out).

  1. How can …
Linux and Unix
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I'm trying to run VirtualBox in Ubuntu. I just created a machine but when I run it I get this error message:

Failed to open a session for the virtual …

Game Development
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Hey guys and gals, any ideas on gaming laptops with good cooling system. Mine just melted ... :/

Topic by bj76407

Followig are the best gaming Laptop are with good cooling:

  • OMEN X
  • Acer Predator Triton 500
  • Razer Blade 15
  • Lenovo Ideapad L340
  • Acer Nitro 5
Information Security
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A survey of attendees at Infosecurity Europe earlier this month showed 70 percent in favour of the dictionary definition (in this case the Cambridge Dictionary) of a hacker being amended. …

Software Development
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For those who are afraid of lycanthropes and full moons, here is a way to figure out the phase of the moon.

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Topic by Laith_5

Just a reminder that "Reusable Code Snippet" is used when you want to share working code along with a tutorial.

Software Development
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I run Python 3.x on a Windows 10 laptop and I have a daily routine that involves opening three Python scripts in succession, and running them all concurrently, each one …

Topic by Peter.W

Is there a reason you need to run the scripts from within idle as opposed to just running the scripts directly? If so then I suggest you look at

Software Development
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hi there i have some python coding which i need to convert to java can ne1 help me please email me back if you can help then i will show …

Topic by shak187


To test the cdr realtime sending function

import string import urllib2 import time import socket
port = raw_input("Please enter the bind port like: 1000\n")
#wait connect
def test():
server …

Community Center
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This thread is a continuation of a conversation that I started here. As Dani correctly pointed out, the discussion belonged in its own thread and should not have taken …

Linux and Unix
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How can I produce supertext in Linux?

edit: The name of this topic should be " produce supertext" in stead of " use supertext" but I think you all get …

Search Engine Strategies
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  1. INTRODUCTION: When you are starting with your first SEO project, you may feel as if you have been told to empty the ocean with a teaspoon, there is …
Web Development
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Has anyone started working with PHP 8 yet? Any big backwards compatibility issues?

I finally got around to upgrading to php 7! Lol better late than never.

Topic by Dani

The load balancing was ran using hey and I report the numbers for throughput (req/s) and response time (ms). The app does not connect to remote services like databases.

With …