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wont let me download file

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i am trying to download an application i got in an email from my friend, but i keep getting:
"Windows found this file to be potentially harmful. To help protect your computer, windows has blocked access to this file."
i tried turning off my firewall but that didnt seem to help.
I am running windows 7 and my mail client is windows live mail

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You will have to get your friend to send it again after changing it's file extension.

For example, abcd.exe to abcd.old.

Once you have downloaded it, you just change the extension back to abcd.exe again.

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and if that does not work check that you have got all the precautions turned off. often email programs have their own anti harm type filters, or you may have something like microsoft seciurity or anti virus system security all of which can prevent a file coming into the machine. However buyer beware, these precautions are there to protect you from nasties and running files without that protection could be dangerous.

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