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Cannot view moving gifs.

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Hi! I'm having a wierd problem. When I save moving gifs, it shows up as....like a subdocument, with several seperate images.

I've reuploaded them, so I know I have downloaded the moving gif.....but I cannot see it moving when saved to my computer.

Help? Any idea's?

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it depends what you are opening the file with, the default windows picture viewer does not play .Gif, try right clicking the image and selecting "open with" and from that menue choose internet explorer.

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What are you opening it with?
Quicktime, Internet Explorer and many more can play .gif's.
Try using Internet Explorer, if that does not work...then:


After downloading GIF viwer install it and perform following steps to make GIF viewer to set as default to open GIF files.

1.Right click on your Gif image.

2.click on properties.

3.In front of open with , there is a "change" button, click on it.

4.Browse it where your GIF viewer is installed, generally it is in C:/programfiles(x86)/GIF viewer/GIFviewer.exe

5.click on open and then ok. Then click on apply and again ok.

Have fun! :)

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simply open it i your internet browser and you shall see the moving gif.normally gif files are made up of series of images

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