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Remote control PC through SMS

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I have this idea to control a PC remotely using sms. Here is how I would do it.

1.Facebook allows users a lot of control over their accounts through sms including private messages. So, getting the message to facebook through sms is easy. But the PC has to take the message from the facebook server which is the trouble. Facebook messages cannot be accessed through a curl script.

2.So I searched for command-line based ircs that can log in to a particular room and receive commands from my mobile irc client. But that wouldn't work either because cmd based irc don't have any way to distinguish messages or anything like that. I mean, there isn't a way to automate.

3.Finally, I thought mail has to work. Something like fetchmail that can not only fetch but also be automated to interpret messages according to sender and subject. There doesn't seem to be any like that either that can be automated. But I think there has to be something in this category.

Can someone please suggest any other idea or way to do this?

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GSM this should be helpfull.

GSM modem + Programming... well this good one i guess...

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