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LAN and Wifi Connection

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Hi there? I have a problem with my computer connections.
When I plug in a network cable to access LAN, a wireless Internet connection gets disconnected.
When I unplug the cable internet connection through wireless comes up.
Some computers can support both connections cable for LAN and wireless for Internet.Other computers do not
support both connections.
Please any help will be appreciated.

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Check the computer's BIOS settings. For example, I know that some DELL laptops have this config where you can specify this behavior.

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If both the ethernet and wifi have been assigned the same IP address, one or the other won't connect.

If your computer is a Dell, then like my laptop once had, it will have same boatware called "Dell Control Point" look for an option in there related to network settings. I'm sorry that I can't tell you what or where to look, I didn't keep it on my computer.

If neither of those options work, please say. We will then look at changing the priorities each network adapter is given.

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