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Hi there
What are the various GPL's that can be used with C?
I am currently learning SDL and I know of another, Allegro.
Just trying to fine tune as well as learn more about C, so I am programming games using C.On a bright sunny day, it would definitely be C++ or JAVA.

Thanks Guys


Maybe check out Open GL ES?


Thanks for that although I already knew about OpenGL


SDL and Allegro aim to provide a more or less complete game programming library, but you might also consider combining several separate libraries that focus on smaller areas--especially if the general-purpose libraries don't quite do what you want.

A loose assortment of links to get you thinking: Chipmunk, GLFW, OpenAL, Horde3D, Lua, PhysicsFS, SQLite, Ogre3D, Guile, Irrlicht, irrKlang...

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