Guess what?! We've partnered with SoftLayer, an IBM Company, to offer current DaniPad members access to their Catalyst program. There are only two requirements:

  • You're not already a SoftLayer customer
  • You're an early stage tech company

Firstly, you can receive up to $1000 of free web hosting credits for a year.

Not only that, but SoftLayer will introduce you to their Innovation Team where they can help you design and scale your tech infrastructure to support big data and more.

Thirdly, they'll leverage their marketing resources to help you increase your startup's visibility.

To get started, it's as easy as contacting my friend Jennifer Litorja over at jlitorja@softlayer.com

If you're already a SoftLayer customer, don't worry. I'm working really hard to partner up with other companies to help you out, too! Just bare with me a bit ...

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Just in case anyone missed it skimming the above post, be sure to email jlitorja@softlayer.com to get started.

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