Can I get a show of hands as to who would like Chicken parmesan (yet again) for our Tuesday, August 26th meetup?

Think I should change it up a bit??

(Those of you who are kosher, please be sure to give me a heads up if you will be coming and I'll try to accommodate. Multiple kosher RSVPs will get an actual kosher meal delivered. One kosher RSVP -- I'm looking at you, Eliran -- will get a trip down the block to Martha's Bakery.)

In brighter news, SoftLayer has been extraordinarily generous enough to agree to sponsor our food moving forward. So that's a big win for my wallet!! Yay!!

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Wish I could make it tonight for the meetup and join in on the yummy chix parmesan (or whatever you will be serving), but I am tied up tonight.
I always enjoy your meetings.... Good people, good discussions and good food!
Give my best to every one. See you next time.

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