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Dyanamic Drive Now includes AJAX and OPERA

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Iframe and Ajax

Ajax Includes script FF1+ IE5+ Opera8+.
Ajax Rotating Includes script FF1+ IE5+ Opera8+

Dynamic Ajax content FF1+ IE5+ Opera7+


it interesting to note that AJAX was just coined in FEB 2005 in an article

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Why is that interesting? What do you find interesting about it? Why do you feel information regarding AJAX would be of interest? Is it a "trend", or a core technology? Do YOU use AJAX, if so, why?

Do you have any questions about AJAX?

Why are you quoting hyperlinks from another site? What benefit does that bring to Daniweb or forum members?

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I think AJAX will be the next trend web technologies. You can open the web and click link without refreshing your browser. I think it will be the web operating system. IBM, Google and other big companies will support AJAX.

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