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install Backtrack tools in ubuntu using flash drive

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I have the Backtrack5 iso file .
i want to install all the backtrack tools in ubuntu without installing the backtrack operating system.
Is this possible?
If possible give me the solution please.....

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Backtrack advise against doing this as their penetration tools are completely integrated into the version of Ubuntu it is released with.

Have you had a look in the Repositories as explained here?

Also, as you have an ISO, and you don't want to install it, you could use it as a Live CD.

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I agree. Backtrack can be run from a USB drive if needed. I have a usb stick I use for pen testing only when needed. Boot up with it, all settings are still saved, and I'm good to go.

Backtrack has a pretty small footprint, you could always just dual boot it alongside your ubuntu desktop.

The Backtrack install CD gives you some nice install options. Any reason not to use one of those?

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