i do not know this is the right place to post but i figured out i would get more expert advice. Can we welcome other new members in other forum? For example in the network forum, a new member post some solution to the problems, can i also give solution to the problems and welcome him as well.


Hi unknown maybe you should check and see whether your firewall is hindering your connection if yes turn it off temporary only.

@ nameless
welcome to daniweb nameless, hope you enjoy your stay and thanks for your helping out unknown

I know it is a be reta** to do that, but can i do tha. And it is consider violate the daniweb rules. Hope any guys ca enlighten me on that. Thanks

The problem with this approach is that the welcome would seem kind of forced. And not to mention the possibility of the answer being forced as well. It might go something like this:

OP: Hello, can anyone help me with xxx? Thanks.

New-Member: You are almost there, just change yyy by zzz and you should be good to go.

I-Just-Saw-Sunshine-Member: Yeah OP, you should totally follow what 'New Member' has written down. That being said, New Member, welcome to Daniweb. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to working with you.

Just to be clear here, as long as your posts are 'on-topic' in the forum you post, it isn't against the rules but if your posts start becoming more of a welcoming committee speech and less of a valid answer, it's annoying for everyone.

That being said, you "can" do it without violating the rules but with that long speech, it would be considered annoying. A simple "Oh and BTW, welcome to Daniweb" added at the end of your post or a simple reputation comment "Welcome to Daniweb" would be much more desirable.

IMO, each member does not need to be welcomed. If they don't post in the introductions forum, it doesn't seem to be necessary.

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I agree with the 'forced' thing. How many people go to the Introductions anyway? I almost never do that when I join a forum, just get stuck in. You spend any amount of time on a forum, you sort of get to know other members. I hate all that hi, how are ya? Great to see you! Welcome - hope you have a nice time. Yuck. Insincere codswallop. Like getting a Christmas card from the bank and believing that the manager hand wrote the thing. Or am I being a humbugging old git again?

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In my opinion, the best way to welcome someone is to treat them like any other community member. That means more than any welcome message or special treatment.

I've seen quite a few forums where you're required to post an "About Me" introduction in the introduction section before you can post anywhere else. It's all one big long thread. One post each, no responses, and your intro is linked to your profile for very quick reference. It's not a "Hi, how you doin', welcome aboard" type thing. It's a basic information so people have some clue about who you are. As an added bonus, when posting and/or registering, there's a small quiz on the forum rules that you have to pass so you can't pretend you didn't know them later. Don't want to divert the thread to that topic. It's been done to death.

It's fairly common on military bulletin boards. You have to state your military experience, branch, units, age, gender, etc. Saves a lot of time. No need to explain where Vietnam is to a Vietnam vet or explain what a periscope is to someone who spent 20 years in a submarine.

It could be quite useful here. How many times have we suggested using a linked list to a first semester newbie who isn't allowed to use them or vice versa, patiently wasted our time explaining what it is to some retired CS professor who's been using them since before we were born? A few quick questions like "How old are you?", "What's you educational background?", "What's your occupation?", etc. Anyone who can't be bothered to fill it out just gets ignored.

... Coming from someone who never bothered to fill in their bio or their primary role at their company/occupation within their member profile. (Incidentally, for the past year, new members are automatically presented with the questionnaire upon completing their registration).

Hypocrisy aside, it's still a good idea. :P I just filled in the bio.

Thanks guys, so as long i do not go off topic too much i can just include a welcome speech at the end of my post. Right?

Yes, but as already said, why? We don't really need more speeches. And it looks like you're posting just to post. That is frowned on.

i can just include a welcome speech at the end of my post.

Put it in your signature. "If you're new, welcome, if you're returning, welcome back, and if you're here all the time, you're WaltP" :)

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