What is DaniWeb?

DaniWeb is an online community for techies founded by Dani Wolkowicki in February 2002, initially as a hobby while a Computer science major on Long Island, NY. Today, DaniWeb is comprised of Q&A and discussion forums, tutorials and other editorial content, and a patented matching algorithm that connects members with each other for one-on-one and group chat.

Who owns DaniWeb?

DaniWeb® LLC is wholly owned by its sole founder, Dani Wolkowicki. More information about Dani and the history of DaniWeb can be found on the About Page.

What if I've forgotten my password?

You can request a link to reset your password. Please be patient as, depending on your email provider, it may take longer than expected to receive the password reset email. Please reach out to Dani if you didn't receive the email after 48 hours.

Alternatively, you can log in with Facebook or Google if you have previously enabled social login from your user settings, or if the email address associated with your DaniWeb account is the same email address associated with your Facebook or Google account.

How can I contact someone?

DaniWeb is a social community of members helping members. If you have a question you'd like to ask the community, you can start a new topic in the forums. If you'd like to connect with other members for one-on-one chat, you can meet people with our professional matchmaking engine, or conduct a people search by skills, interests, and location. If you would like to call or email us for business development opportunities, you can visit the Contact Page.

How can I advertise on DaniWeb?

It is against our community rules to solicit your product or services within forum posts. However, members can link to their own website from their signature, which appears beneath each of their posts to other logged in members. Additionally, we offer paid ad campaigns such as display, email, and instant messaging.

Does DaniWeb accept guest blogging?

DaniWeb does accept user-submitted editorial content in the form of tutorials, op-eds, news stories, product reviews, and interviews. You can contribute editorial content via our Editorial Workshop. Please be sure to follow our editorial guidelines. Content must be high quality, unique, written by you, and cannot be written for SEO backlinks. Your byline will include your About Me blurb beneath the article. You cannot embed HTML in your About Me, but if you do include a URL, DaniWeb will automatically hyperlink it.

Why did I get an alert that DaniWeb was hacked and my information was stolen?

In late 2015, DaniWeb suffered a massive data breach. The attack unfortunately resulted in the disclosure of 1.1 million email addresses. No personal information, passwords, or login credentials were compromised.

The attack was not discovered until December 2016, by which time we had already migrated onto entirely new infrastructure and software. Our current platform has been rebuilt from the ground up with security in mind.

Unfortunately, anyone who was an active member at the time of the attack, in 2015, had their email address become known to the hackers at that time. Rest assured that the hackers did not gain any access to your email account, any social media accounts, DaniWeb account, or any passwords. There is nothing that can be done moving forward. Deleting your account will not retroactively remove your email address from the hacker's database.

Thank you for your continued trust.

What is DaniBot?

When our community members post links within their posts or specify their websites in their business profiles, we send out our DaniBot to check them out. For each link we are told about by our community, our servers periodically send a cURL request to make sure that the URL still exists. If it doesn't, for the benefit of our website visitors who may encounter the link within a forum post, we redirect visitors to a notice instead of stripping out the link to preserve the integrity of the post. If it does, we use a headless version of Google Chrome to generate a screenshot of the URL, that visitors can then see when they hover over the link within the post.

How can I remove everything that DaniWeb knows about me?

As explained in our Privacy Policy, all public profile fields are always fully editable from your User Settings. We do not collect or store any personally identifiable information (PII) other than what is manually submitted, and can be edited by you at any time.

How can I delete my account?

From within your User Settings, there is a red button at the bottom of the page that says: Permanently Delete User Account.

Before permanently deleting your account, please take note of the following:

  • If you just want to change your username, you can do that here.
  • If you want to unsubscribe from all our emails, you can do that here.
  • To use your current username or email address with a different DaniWeb account, change them before you delete this account.
  • In order to not break the flow of conversation, your existing posts and chat messages will not be deleted.
  • Your Profile and Business Card member profiles will no longer be available.
  • You will no longer receive any email from us.