This is just a suggestion for a convenience feature. It would be nice if we could collapse the forum categories that we don't use. For instance, I visit the Software Development forums and the Coffee House forums, but rarely anything else. I find myself having to do a lot of scrolling just to switch between the two and see if there are new posts. It would be very nice if we could turn the forum list for, say, the Tech Talk category into just a header. That way only the most relevant forums are visible and extraneous forums that we don't use are hidden. For example, I could probably fit both the Software Development and Coffee House categories on one page for quick viewing if the other categories turned into just a header bar.

Yes, it's a selfish request, but I do think that there are benefits to letting everyone customize their views to their interests.

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>Which mode of viewing are you using? linear mode?
That defines how posts are displayed when viewing a thread. I'm talking about the top level view on the forum index.


I liked your idea so I went ahead and implemented it, even though things weren't working for about 10 minutes or so because I absolutely insisted on working live.


Wow, now that's service! Can I get fries and a root beer too? :)

Should you be drinking now you're 'with child'?


>Should you be drinking now you're 'with child'?
Um, last I checked root beer was non-alcoholic. ;)


The way that it was suggested originally didn't offer any additional benefit over using the dropdown menus at the top. I simply assumed that if someone wanted to see the Tech Talk forums, in one click from any page of the site, you could go to the Tech Talk category page or go to any individual Tech Talk forum. I was looking at the Forum Index as being entirely legacy.

What Narue just pointed out to me is that people actually are interested in more than one category, and it would be nice to be able to see a single page of everything you're interested in, which I hadn't thought about.

Another idea is to subscribe to individual forums and check out your own customized listing of your favorites from within your profile.



Err...I really don't get it, what exactly has changed. Does the new feature allow me to customize the way Daniweb looks in my browser ? What exactly is collapsable here ?

Thank you.


>Um, last I checked root beer was non-alcoholic.

No I don't believe you. You're trying to trick me. :sad:

Non-alcoholic beer cannot exist. After all who's gonna buy it? I don't know, maybe recovering alcoholics, pregnant lady programmers with strawberry blonde hair and goofy teeth, or school kids.

But these type of people just don't exist. :confused:


Look what you went and did! You went and made her cry!

Oops sorrie my bad. My eyes are failing me. Swap the 'strawberry blonde' part for ginger. :cheesy:

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