# Write (yet another) 2 haikus, remembering that the form requires a specific # of SYLLABLES (not words) per line: 5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second, and 5 for the third line. Your haikus will be graded on FORM, Creativity, and Style.

# INVENT 2 new words, giving the definitions and, possibly, examples of usage.

i don't know what the answer is, help me

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and please explain the rule for me too,thanks

oops, but this is in my C++ course, I wonder if I can disscuss in this forum the way we think, please help me or show me where I can ask

why would a c++ course ask you to write poetry?

>>I wonder if I can disscuss in this forum the way we think
You are free to discuss almost anything you want here in Geek's Lounge. But maybe a forum dedicated to writing poetry would be more appropriate place for you to discuss such topics.

I see, thank you very much, anyone can help me please???

You stated the rules for haiku in the beginning so what do you need explained?
Five syllables first
seven syllables next line
then another five.

what do they mean by syllables , can you give me a sample cause my english is not good

what do they mean by syllables , can you give me a sample cause my english is not good

Ah, let's take the word syllables - 3 syllables, syll-a-bles
English - 2 syllables, Eng-lish (or En-glish). The problem with learning English is that it accepts words from all languages and even accepts the spelling rules for that language so there is no easy rule for English words.

Faux pas is French for 'social error' - in French if the last letter is a consonant, it is not pronounced so that is pronounced fo pa even though it looks like it should be pronounced Fax pass.

Back to syllables, your program should be able to find vowels, then the surrounding consonants to make a syllable but you will also have to modify it quite a lot for all the exceptions. Good luck.

If you want to start discussing computer programs then I guess I'll have to move this thread back to the C++ board. At the start, I moved it here because it seemed to have little, or no relation to c++, but I may have been incorrect. There is nothing wrong with what you have discussed here but its confusing to know just where to put this thread. I don't have a problem moving it back to c++ as long as that is what you want to discuss now.

Well, good luck getting me to discuss c+ - BASIC/COBOL/ForTran maybe but I keep meaning to get around to C+ - even got a couple books but never the time.

Ok, heres a little example for ya:

Love, passion, the seed plants
behold the beauty of life
Reborn through my son

Now that should get you some marks :)