I have a neat idea for an ajax/php rpg engine and want to get together with a small group of php developers with some free time and make this happen. I really think it could be fun to develop and also fun to see people enjoying the end result, but I am somewhat busy with another project along with working a full time job. I have never worked with other PHP developers as part of a team, and I think it would be a great opportunity to learn from others and perhaps teach what I know too. PM me if you are really interested in joining up for this project.

Well I definitely want to make a web based version of the old school RPGs like FF3 and Breath of Fire but with some of the gameplay elements of Secret of Mana (namely the leveling of weapons). I would like to make it multiplayer with some very deep gameplay.

I really don't have much of an idea for a backstory, I have been thinking more on the engine that will run the game. I am also not very good with writing, so I will definitely need help with the writing of storyline/quests.

I would like to allow the players to buy or conquer land and possibly have wars over different tracts of land. There will also be multiple races that players can start as that will have different stat effects.

The coolest part of the game will be that it is online, free, and players can pick up and play an RPG from wherever they want.